New Year’s Resolutions – bah!

I, for one, don’t believe in New Year’s resolutions!  So many are made, so many are broken!  What is the point if it is not defined and doable!

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It’s like the diet that becomes the uncontrolled yo-yo!  Many of us (me definitely included here) have been there, done that!  Rather than a New Year’s Resolution, I prefer to think in terms of a commitment to myself, for myself!

If you have followed this blog (still in infancy, and having just come off of Christmas holidays), you will know that I have taken up studying holistic nutrition as a means of making a commitment to myself!  Sadly, I often let life get in the way and fall off the wagon many times (sugar and stress – best friends in my world!), but I do try to remain true to a lifestyle commitment that I made when I first signed up for the course!

One of the early lessons is premised on 10 basic principles, or the 10 Commandments of a Healthy Diet (taken from Elson Haas textbook – Staying Healthy with Nutrition).  The keys are whole, live, natural, good quality foods.

1.  Natural Foods – you know what I am talking about – avoiding the processed and manufactured foods, especially those whose primary ingredients are no longer recognizable or pronounce-able!

2.  Seasonal Foods – these hold the highest possible nutritional value and remain in harmony with the natural cycles of the year.  For example – a hearty stew may be better suited to a cold winters day, whereas a juicy watermelon is more likely to quench your thirst on a hot summer afternoon!

3.  Fresh Foods – fresh from the garden will have the maximum nutrition.  While this isn’t always possible, over processed foods become dead foods – live enzymes that benefit the body are destroyed by the processing and manufacturing process.

4.  Nutritious Foods – goes without saying, if you are looking for a better balance in life, a variety of nutritious, foods loaded with vitamins and minerals are more likely the way to go!

5.  Clean Foods – keep them chemical free, avoid GMOs (Genetically Modified) – afterall, tomatoes were not supposed to have fish proteins!!!  Also under clean foods is proper storing and handling – need I say more?

6.  Tasty and Appealing Foods – there is a little science behind this one – if the food is not appealing, and you don’t salivate, your body doesn’t produce the necessary digestive enzyme – amylase – crucial for proper absorption.

7.  Variety and Rotation – how else are you going to get a variety of nutrients.  If you only eat the same food all the time – you only get the same nutrients, so mix it up!

8.  Food Combining – can be a heavily contested topic, so I will limit comment to this – can be labour intensive, is not suited to everyone but it can decrease the stress on the digestive system.

9.  Moderation – don’t go crazy – you can have the naughty goodies …. in moderation.  Some suggest the 80/20 rule – as long as you eat well 80% of the time, you can indulge 20%.  You be your own judge, but I know when I try to go too perfect, the thump on the ground as I fall off that wagon always hurts more!  You just can’t always be perfect – especially when traveling – did someone say fish tacos!!!  (A little taste of the naughty in Jamaica – how’s the food?)

10.  Balance – need to have balance in macronutrients (protein/fat/carb) and micronutrients.  Basically, if you are following Haas’ guidelines, you should find balance in your nutrition.


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