Summer Veggies

Summer veggies on the Q….who could ask for anything more!

BBQ vegetables

Well – perhaps the grill master!

Happy grilling.


Culinary Delights in Mallorca in pictures

For a number of years now, I have been traveling to Mallorca for 2 weeks of cycling in the spring.  We cycle well over 1,000 kms in that time and love every minute of it.  While we often eat dinner at our rented apartment, lunch out is always a priority.  Beware: some of these photos may have you developing a sudden urge to travel to Mallorca!

For more information, visit the TravelDestinationBucketList – Cycling in Mallorca – great lunch stops to fuel your ride.

Stunning roasted vegetarian salads….


by the jug….


Your table is waiting…


Would you like some wine with your lunch?

And don’t forget dessert… cream sundaes in Soller!  Pure decadence.

Did someone say something about Iberian Ham being a specialty?  Grocery shopping at the Carrefour.

grocery shopping in Mallorca

The flavours of Mallorca are incredible….enhanced only by the amazing locations in which to experience them!